We help consumers find products they can actually trust.

TruInsights was established to help consumers cut through the noise to find products that can prove quality in every batch, instead of just touting it with marketing jargon.

Our Verification Process

We review and verify all data to ensure accuracy.


Product registration

The process begins when a brand registers a product for verification with TruInsights.


Manufacturer information submission

The brand then submits detailed information about its manufacturing facility or its contract manufacturer to ensure transparency. All manufacturers are FDA-registered and cGMP compliant. 


Batch record and CoA submission

As batches are produced, the brand submits batch records and Certificates of Analysis (CoA), or we work directly with the manufacturing facility to automate this process, ensuring all documents are authentic.


Expert review and verification

Our cGMP experts and microbiologists meticulously review and verify every batch record and CoA for accuracy and safety. This involves automated verification through AMNI’s integrated manufacturing software systems or working closely with the brand, contract manufacturer, and third-party testing labs. 


Confirmation and information sharing

Once confirmed, all verified information is published on the product’s batch-specific pages, so you can trust the quality and safety of every product.