Our family’s experience spans 200 years in energy, 150 years in technology, 70 years in construction, and 60 years in cultivation. We have applied our experience and fervent desire to help improve the lives of people across the globe to construct our current hemp farm.

Our facility was built in under one year, from the ground up, and with our own hands. We currently have acreage for outdoor crop, a state-of-the-art facility for drying and processing, and an indoor greenhouse that can hold 1,500 plants.

We were one of the first in Ohio to obtain our hemp license and recently have achieved GMP and ISO9001 certification holding us to high standards specifically with quality control and customer service. The application of cutting edge technology to the small-town, homegrown feel is a unique and elite combination that sets us apart from others.

We provide quality, home grown products and provide transparency throughout our company. We offer onsite tours to showcase our seed-to-sale operations and help educate people on all the benefits this versatile plant has to offer.


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