Many ailments and their symptoms can be traced directly to something in our diet. It is not normal to suffer from low-grade pain, skin disorders, bloating, indigestion, low energy, brain fog, joint pain or any other symptoms that people “live with”.

It is only recently that awareness is being raised about the role that wheat may play in causing these and other symptoms. But it is not just glutenin and gliadin, the two main elements of wheat gluten. There are other “bad actors” in our diet that, when combined with less-than-ideal eating habits and our “modern” food supply, create a perfect storm of discomfort or disease.

Most of us reach for an antacid, a dairy pill, a gas pill, an anti-inflammatory, or a pharmaceutical. We treat the symptom and keep going.

The creation of DigestShield® is the result of the personal experience that Steve and Sheridan Nice, co-founders of Shield Nutraceuticals, had with joint pain and its link to gluten. An honest quest for answers started with research into the sudden rise of gluten sensitivity and lead to awareness of how dramatically certain foods can affect us.

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DigestShield DigestShield® addresses dietary discomfort caused by what you eat. Taking 1 or 2 DigestShield® capsules before a meal is an ideal solution for gluten

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